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Our Process

What is Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) refers to a condition classified in the DSM by challenges and deficits with communication, behaviours, and social skills. These challenges can often lead to difficulties at home with routines, problems developing communication with others, and problems adjusting to school and new environments.  According to the newest research from the United States CDC, 1 in 59 children are diagnoses with ASD, which is why early intervention and programming is so important. In line with therapy best practices and current clinical research, Missing Links is proud to offer full time and part time Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) based services for student 2+ to target these specific deficits!


What Next

Once you have a diagnosis the next steps can feel overwhelming and daunting as a parent. In an effort to provide information about programming, funding, and clinically proven best practices, we have outlined our process below!

  1. CONTACT US! You can reach us at 289-337-0555 or at info@missinglinks.ca
  2. Let us teach you about the Ontario’s Autism Program (OAP) that provides funding to families living in Ontario with a diagnosis of ASD. We can help you figure out how to get on the waiting list, how to access funds, and how to set up fully funded programming at Missing Links.
  3. Learn about our programs! We will walk you through programs running at Missing Links that include a full time registered private school with concurrent ABA therapy programming, a fully immersive Early Learner ABA program, and a new Early Start program for students as young as 2 years.
  4. Share some information about your experience. We will as a few questions about the potential client such as age, information about communication, academic skills, and any known behaviour challenges to get a feel for the best kinds of programs and intervention that is needed. We collect this information, so we know what kind of programming would be the most beneficial for the client, this way we can streamline the process and access to services for you.
  5. A tour! We are happy to invite you in to see our open concept facility and meet our team. We can walk around the centre and speak about materials, structures, routines, and best practices. To keep programming and therapy confidential our tours are booked after daily clinic hours.
  6. Book an intake. If after the tour you are starting to get excited, and want to see what kind of program offer and start date we may have for you, you can book an intake. We will book a half hour meeting during the day and invite the potential client to come into the facility. As we have a closed-door policy, guardians will be asked to wait in our meeting room during this time. When the potential client is inside we introduce them to the program we feel will be the best fit and start interacting with materials, peers and teachers. After the quick intake our team will follow up with an email that outlines our observations, program recommendations, potential start dates, and specific tuition rates/pricing.
  7. Decide and start date and sign the contract. The rest is straight forward. If you are interested in moving forward with our program proposal we can offer you a potential start date at Missing Links. All you will need to do is come in to sign the contract to secure your spot and we will take care of the rest!
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